paulprofileimageEver since I was a small boy I have loved anything to do with cooking, crafting and parties. I was raised by two little old ladies whose whole existence was to make me happy, and they did so by cooking and crafting with me.

The parties where plentiful and since we lived kinda far away from other kids, the guests where those little old ladies and my teddy bears. The teddy bears would be dressed up in bow ties, hats and glasses and my grandmother and great aunt would dress up in their finest. There would be finger sandwiches, small pies, scones and whatever I fancied that day. I thought myself as Little Lord Fauntelroy.

I still love a good party, so this book is just what I need. Filled to the brim with fun ideas and awesome recipes. The girls have really made a winner here!

So let all us partiers unite and cheers to wishing you all the best time ever!


Paul Lowe aka Sweet Paul